*** PEACE & LOVE 2012 – Caviare Days’ Extended Family ***

Photo: Johannes Helje + Clara Tägtström


Some things just go straight to your head. This photo was taken at about 5 or 6 the morning of July 1st, the last day of 2012’s Peace&Love festival. The area around the greatest stage, where Rihanna some hours before had set the record for pulling the largest crowd (while stating she was in Oslo) was closed, and smelled of mud and old beer in plastic bottles. There was a roaring cloud of seagulls hovering over piles of garbage, feasting on left-over langos and chicken legs – (#birdseatingbirds).  The party inside Eden, the artists’ area of Peace&Love for “very important persons” and other loose people, had just ended at 5’o’clock sharp and everyone was at the top of the heads. Noone wanted to end there, and so we continued…

In the photo (from left to right): Kyle Schneider (currently, drummer of Deadman), Martin Hederos (the Soundtrack Of Our Lives’ Birthday Boy!!!), Maja Westin (Caviare Days), Samuel Travers (bass, Great Heat), Marcus Arborelius (Caviare Days), Alex Cameron Ward (guitar, Great Heat), Fredrik Sandsten (drummer, TSOOL), Kalle Gustavsson Jerneholm (bassist, TSOOL), Lina Westin and Timmy Grim Fredriksson of Caviare Days. Mm yeah.  Awesome bunch. Boris is missing, though. We’ll put him in a leash for next year, he’s a great runner.

We fucking love this photo. We peace it too.

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